Biographies of Salient Women website, which I started writing in February 2020, I have the satisfaction of offering 150 biographies of exceptional women from different countries.

Among these outstanding women I have included two great Spanish scientists (Margarita Salas and María Blasco), a wonderful Mexican painter (Frida Kahlo), two notable Italians (Oriana Fallaci and María Montessori), two Spanish-American singers (Mercedes Sosa and Violeta Parra), two chess champions (Judit Polgar and Vera Menchik), the great badminton world champion (Carolina Marín), two unforgettable Polish women (Irena Sendlerowa and Marie Curie).

All the others are truly admirable and deserve everyone’s appreciation for their selfless dedication to the general good of humanity.

Numerous friendships from Spain, the United States, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Mexico have encouraged me.

They suggested names of salient women and warning me of errors and omissions. Thanks to all of them.

I have to thank the generous collaboration of Dania Souchay and the company “Dynamic Droides”. This help  made this foray into the world of design and the internet possible.

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