The Author

Margarita Contreras

My name is Margarita Contreras, I am Chilean and I have lived in Madrid for many years.
I studied Secondary at a school in La Serena, Chile. I had the opportunity to visit almost all the places where the great poet Gabriela Mistral spent her childhood.
Now I live in a Madrid neighborhood; almost next to the house, I have two wonderful Cultural Centers that have very evocative names: the “Teresa de Calcuta” and the “Gloria Fuertes“.
I really enjoy listening to music and reading biographies, romance novels, historical novels and crime novels. The readings of biographies of many extraordinary women have impacted me so much that I decided to help spread some of them through a blog specialized in this topic. There are thousands of extraordinary women, but I have started with these few.
In March 2018, taking inspiration from Sandra Ferrer Valero’s wonderful blog, I started preparing material to publish at least a hundred biographies of “salient women”.
My sources of information are some books I have at home, many books from the Madrid and Oviedo municipal libraries. And, above all, data and images that I have collected from Wikipedia and other websites that publish biographies of women.
The design and construction of this blog is due to Dania Souchay.
I cannot stop expressing my deepest gratitude to Jaime Escobar. His advice is so good and so exhaustive that even I dared to start.

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