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Isabel Zendal

Biography of Isabel Zendal Spanish nurse

Isabel Zendal Gómez is one of the most outstanding nurses in all of history. She is considered one of the most relevant figures in the field of solidarity and nursing. She played a key role in the “Royal Smallpox Philanthropic Expedition” that, in 1803, set sail from the port of La Coruña to America with …

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Irena Sendle

Biography of Irena Sendlerowa Polish nurse

Biography of Irena Sendlerowa Polish Catholic nurse and social worker, who during World War II, risking her own life, helped and saved more than 2,500 Jewish children condemned to be victims of the Holocaust. Click here if you want to see this biography in Spanish translation Irena Sendlerowa’s early life Irena Sendlerowa was born in …

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